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TRACE arrives in Poland for the second time!

It is our pleasure to invite you to TRACE 2016, to the Białowieża Forest in eastern Poland. The TRACE 2016 conference will be held on 11-15 May 2016. It will be organised by the University of Silesia in cooperation with the Silesian Botanical Garden, University of Wrocław, Forest Research Institute, Białowieża National Park and the Association for Tree-Ring Research.

TRACE 2016 seeks to strengthen the networking and scientific exchange of scientists and students involved in the study of tree-rings. Its aim is to present and discuss new discoveries and approaches in tree-ring science. The scope of the meeting includes all fields of dendrochronology and its application in archaeology, climatology, geomorphology, glaciology, fire history, forest dynamics, ecology, plant anatomy, hydrology and physiology, including the use of stable isotopes.